Caring for

Thank you and congratulations with your Atelier Basile purchase.
This bundle of warmth, softness and cosiness called to you from the other side of the store, and you happily followed its call, knowing immediately that you couldn't resist. 

So you didn't and bought it.
But now, how do I take care of my Atelier Basile piece?

Mohair and wool knitwear that is handmade, are delicate pieces and should be stored folded in a cool, dry place.
Never put your wooly on a hanger for long periods of time.
This can cause your knit to stretch and lose its shape. Weight and gravity will cause it to stretch and sag from its original shape.

Mohair is one of the finest fibers in woolen yarns. It is a beautiful and high quality wool. Mohair is pleasant to the touch and even if it is one of the warmest yarns in nature, it’s also one of the lightest and strongest.
Did you fell in love with the warmth, softness and fluffyness of our mohair knitwear but are somewhat annoyed by the shedding that is typical of long hair mohair?
Do you want to limit leaving a trail of fluff after you on armchairs, car seats and the clothes of anyone you have hugged?
While there’s not a lot you can do to completely stop this shedding, you can control it to some extent, you can use these tricks:

Place the garment into the freezer in a plastic bag. Leave it there for two hours or even overnight.
The cold will freeze the wool fibres and ensure that the garment stops losing its pilosity. This will also reduce electric static which attracts your body hairs and other materials you are wearing.

Spray a light hairspray (e.g Elnette/L'oréal) on to the knit from thirty centimeters away. It will work as an invisible glue which will fix the wool fibres in place.
Avoid using too much and make sure you don’t hold the spray too close to the material, to make sure it doesn’t make get too rigid or that the fibres do not become saturated.

Before wearing your mohair garment, gently use the lint roller on it to reduce excess shedding

Washing your knit

Did you know that mohair has amazing properties?
Mohair wool is light, super soft, and strong.
It has a beautiful shine and a lovely furry texture. It is elastic, and regulates humidity. Mohair cools you down in summer and keeps you comfortably warm in winter.
Mohair is known to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and is also breathable, absorbing perspiration and moisture while keeping the skin dry. 

Thus, it is not necessary to wash your wool handknits after every wear!

Little care is required, as wool is self cleaning.
As a slippery fibre, dust doesn't come to rest. Dirt remaining can be easily removed with a shake or brushing. 

If you absolutely want to wash your Atelier Basile knit do it this way:
Wash your mohair garment by hand, never use a washer and dryer.
Use 30°C water or colder and do not twist, nor wring but gently squeeze.
Add some gently, eco friendly delicate/wool wash detergent.
Lift it out of the water, making sure to support its weight evenly so that the wet fabric doesn’t sag and stretch the garment
Gently squeeze (never wring) to remove excess water. Then roll the garment in a terry cloth towel “burrito-style” to squeeze out more moisture.
Finally, lay the garment flat to air-dry over a layer of fresh terry cloth towels.
If you are concerned that certain areas of your garment have changed in size during wear, you can certainly put them back to your desired measurements while it’s still damp.
After a couple of hours, flip the knit over and lay a new towel underneath.